Technical assistance

Our commitment to manufacturers, trading companies and end customers is to offer custom made with quality and response times defined by our partners.

These services include repair, maintenance, renovation and preventive.

We offer qualified technicians, warranty repair, equipment configuration and delivery / collection equipment at its facilities in peninsular area.

System integration

For five years, Sotelec has implemented a manufacturing line / system integration that allows us to leverage our expertise in:

  • Modular equipment assembly
  • Elements connection
  • Standard configuration parameters
  • OS imaging
  • Load OS images
  • Special projects with massive installation of Hardware and Software updates
  • Supply of equipment and accessories for manufacturing

Thus we can offer our customers flexibility and agility to integrate ad-hoc systems.


We have the ability not only to integrate systems but to develop both hardware and software to meet the requirements of our customers or create your own solutions.

We have a team of support engineers that allows us to develop applications for a wide variety of environments and offer advice on each of the projects that customers demand of us.

  • Tailor-made management tool for technical support
  • Android App for projector control via LAN
  • Digital signage player running on a micro PC with Linux

On-site services

In Sotelec we are aware of the importance of correct operation of the equipment at the customer, so we adapt to the particular needs of each offering the following solutions:

  • Qualified technicians on-site
  • Response time as needed
  • Warranty repair of equipment
  • Installation and removal of hardware with operator training
  • Hardware maintenance vendor environment
  • Management and monitoring systems (Extranet)
  • Remote support

Refurbishing and Swapping

We have a service reconditioning, exchange, asset management and control equipment.


Renewal of dealer equipment destined for sales, balances or scrap.


Exchange damaged by other repaired in the laboratory by own or other logistics services according to customer convenience equipment.


Storage, custody and distribution of customer assets with stock control and conditioning of them.


Storage, custody and distribution of customer’s equipment / materials with stock control and conditioning of them.

For further information about our services or answer questions, please contact us.