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Experience and specialization, our reason for being


Service Desk

We can currently manage more than 6000 customer incident entries, with various levels of support and with different contact channels.

System integration

For five years, Sotelechas implemented a manufacturing / systems integration line that allows us to take advantage of our experience.

Technical assistance

We offer qualified technicians, guarantee of repair, configuration of equipment and delivery / collection of the equipment in its facilities in the peninsular area.


We have the ability, not only to integrate systems, but to develop both hardware and software to meet the requirements of our customers or create our own solutions.

On-site services

We adapt to the particular needs of each project by offering the most appropriate on-site solutions and services for proper maintenance.

Refurbishing & Swapping

Renewals and exchange of equipment through own or third-party logistics services and management and control of customer assets and equipment.

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Flexibility and methodology


We know the problem of the particularized and specific operations that clients need and therefore we adapt to the specific management, action and logistics needs that each project needs.


For this, we have a team made up of qualified personnel in their specific functions and with the necessary capacities to be able to carry out any of the tasks required within the company's operations.


We also have the logistical capacity and IT management tools to deal with large projects without this modifying our normal operations.

Why choose us

All our effort is dedicated to achieving the maximum satisfaction of our clients by developing specific plans and procedures for each of their needs.

More about us


Extensive experience in the sector and great coverage nationwide.


Own warehouse, laboratory and workshop.


Qualified personnel in the areas of action.


Work done efficiently and quickly.


Single contact for operations management and own management tool.


Logistic control of the operations carried out.

Our clients