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NEW HG Media for DUPLEX Photo Printer !

By June 9, 2021No Comments

Dear Customer,

Mitsubishi Electric is introducing a new media for the CP-W5000DW duplex printer from Jul 2021:

• CK5000 will be replaced by CK5000 (HG)
• PK5812 will be replaced by PK5812 (HG)

The new HG media offers a better picture quality with a more detailed and contrasted images. This HG Media will replace the old one and therefore, current one will be discontinued.

In order to achieve optimal color reproduction with new media, it is important to update the Look Up Tables (LUT) of the printer and ICC of the system. Please note that if printer is not upgraded, it will continue working with any combination of paper and ink but printing quality will not be the best. In consequence, we strongly recommend to synchonize the shipment of new media to your customers with the upgrading procedure.

Print capacity of this new media is 240 copies per roll of paper and ink (for double side printing).

Yu can download the necessary  instructions from this link:  Download Upgrade Instructions 

If you or your customers have any doubt, please contact our Photo Support Team

Best Regards


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